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AT-19 in Murau / Steiermark (15.08-18.08.2019)
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Motorcycle travel YAMAHA TDM 2019 Russia - Mongolia

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Motorcycle travel YAMAHA TDM 2019 Russia - Mongolia

Beitragvon Xakep » 12.09.2018 08:49

Dear fellow TDM owners!

I am the Creator of the TDM forum of Russia.
Our forum: https://tdmclub.ru. Still there is group Vkontakte: https://vk.com/yamahatdm

In 2019, in July, we are planning a motorcycle race in the Altai Mountains and Mongolia. We invite everyone to participate in the run. The run originates in the city of Novosibirsk. The total mileage from Novosibirsk to the border with Mongolia is 980 km.

Then everyone can continue the run to Mongolia, to the first lake. It's a fisherman's Paradise. The fact is that neither the Mongols catch fish, so it is very easy to catch, there is a lot of it. And you can continue to run through Mongolia, with access to lake Baikal.

On this route already passed on TDM. There's about 300 km of dirt road left, the rest is asphalt. On run from Novosibirsk to Mongolia ideal asphalt. For those who do not want to go 4000 km in Russia, it is possible to get to Moscow, send a motorcycle transport company to Novosibirsk. It is possible in both directions.

At a cost, sending about 150 euro and fly on a plane from 80 euro. The route will be fully organized. We have reserved places in motels. Arrivals in interesting places. If your club will be willing, you can select a coordinator who speaks English or Russian for the organization of the run.
We have many people who speak English. So with communication I will have no problems

Several places along the route:

Teletskoye lake. There go to swim, but in the summer the water can warm up to 20 degrees. There are many water excursions and Hiking tours.
https://pp.userapi.com/c852032/v8520321 ... Y4KEeI.jpg

Outside the village Kurai. The Glacier Aktru. You can get up straight to the snow, which can be seen in the photo. Raise GAZ66 and UAZ. Further on foot two routes to Maly Aktru and to Bolshoy Aktru. There is a mountain lake on the big aktra.
https://pp.userapi.com/c852032/v8520321 ... tqbung.jpg

https://pp.userapi.com/c852032/v8520321 ... J6Fdls.jpg

Lake Tolbo Nuur. Mongolia. The easiest route in Mongolia. About 30 km of primer the rest is asphalt. Fishermen's Paradise. Since the Mongols do not catch fish, there are a lot of fish and it is very easy to catch it. Only need to eat there, you can not take) to visit Mongolia, Germany probably needs a visa (need to specify)
https://pp.userapi.com/c852032/v8520321 ... vZBb74.jpg

You can contact me by mail tdmclub@yandex.ru or write here

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